Professor Stanton Newman


Newman, Stanton
Professor Stanton Newman is Professor of Health Psychology and Dean of the School of Health Sciences at City University London. He has published over 350 research papers and chapters as well as 18 books.  One of his areas of specialization is the impact of surgery and anesthesia on the brain. He has developed tools to assess cognition before and after surgery and anesthesia and examined the methodological issues in establishing post-operative cognitive deficits. In his work he has systematically examined patients’ views about surgery and its effect on their cognition, as well as the equipment used and the techniques of anesthesia and surgery so as to improve outcomes for patients.  More recently he has been involved in the development of the Postoperative Quality of Recovery Scale, an easy to use tool to assess multiple aspects of recovery from surgery.


5 Minutes with Professor Stanton Newman

  1. What topics are of most interest to you and what will you be speaking on at the ASA NSC 2016?.

INTEREST: Postoperative recovery, POCD, neuroprotection and Quality of Life.
SPEAKING ABOUT: POCD and the assessment of cognition in Cardiac and non-cardiac surgery.

  1. Why should your presentation not be missed?

Bring together current evidence regarding POCD along with methodological issues in assessing cognition.
Demonstrate the importance of measuring Postoperative outcomes in improving outcomes for patients

  1. How does attending events like the ASA NSC inform or relate to your current practice?

Enables me to hear and discuss current approaches to assessing outcomes of surgery and anaesthesia

  1. What do you think are the most exciting recent developments in the field of Anesthesiology?

Increased focus in working with surgeons to improve outcomes for patients following surgery and anesthesia

  1. What are the biggest challenges?

The ageing population and resulting increased demand for surgery and anaesthesia

  1. What are you most looking forward to when you visit Melbourne, Australia??

Meeting my Australian colleagues and hearing about their work.

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